The National Association of Small Farmers Incorporated (nasfinc) is an Agricultural Membership Organization providing a variety of high quality, low cost products and services in the newly developing field of hydroponics and aquaculture. The clamor for healthy, pesticide-free fruit, meat, and vegetables is on the increase and is among the fastest growing industries in the world.
Currently,the companies and farms that produce these products are struggling to keep pace with the demand. This poses a challenge to the industry and an unprecedented opportunity for new companies capable of implementing a support structure and high yield systems for producing the appropriate volume of products to satisfy the demand.
Because this field is relatively new, dominant market leaders have not yet emerged. This enables a well-conceived and well-executed company to secure a leading position in the field. Our innovative systems are designed to fulfill this, ever growing, market's needs.  We have Super Intensified, High Density Growing Systems for grain, herb, fruit and vegetable crops; salt water as well as fresh water fin fish; most shell fish and editable gastropods
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National Association of Small Farmers Inc.